Quartz glass crucibles are made by arc-melting high purity quartz sand.

Quartz glass crucibles are used by the semiconductor and solar industries for growing single crystal ingots from silicon metal by using the Czochralski crystal growing process.  In order to produce metallic silicon suitable for production of high-quality semiconductor wafers, polysilicon is placed into a quartz glass crucible heated to a high temperature and a silicon mono-crystalline ingot is drawn out of the melt. Fused quartz glass is the only material that combines the high purity and heat resistance required for this process.

Natural and synthetic high purity quartz raw materials are used in the production of crucibles. The used raw materials are optimized for the customer’s application. In order to ensure a constantly high level of quality in the crucibles, The Quartz Corp recommends the use of NC4A and NC4X, the purest grades offered by The Quartz Corp.  NC4A and NC4X are both sourced from the famous high purity quartz mines in Spruce Pine, North Carolina in the USA.

Opaque quartz crucibles can also be used in other industrial applications such as glass melting, chemical processing and powder calcinations because of their high purity and excellent chemical resistance.

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Quartz Crucibles are used by semiconductor and solar industries for growing single crystal from silicon melt at about 1400°C.