High purity quartz for filler applications must have a narrow particle size distribution with a D50 (average grain size) between from 5 up to 30 µm. The quartz must also have high transparency and have an extremely low ppm values for contaminants.

Some applications for high purity fillers include:

  • Dental use, to make artificial teeth and fillings.
  • Raw material for high purity silicone
  • Filler in silicone
  • Speciality glass
  • Starting material to make spherical silica fillers for EMC.

Some companies use quartz fillers to produce flame fused spherical silica glass particles. These spherical silica glass particles are used as filler in epoxy moulding compound (EMC) for the microelectronics industry, as a packaging materials for encapsulation of microelectronics devices. Spherical silica glass fillers are used because they acts as an electrical insulator that also lowers the thermal expansion in the EMC. The packed silica particles lead out excess heat produced by the semiconductor. Radioactivity can harm the conducting properties of the semiconductor. For this reason, the silica filler must have an extremely low content of the radioactive elements Uranium and Thorium (<0.5ppb – or - <0.00000005%).  This is only possible to achieve when the raw quartz material has a similar low Uranium and Thorium content.  The QUARTZ Corp has access to this extremely rare quartz type, and is able to deliver these products upon request.

For detailed formulation and application please contact us.

Please Note: The physical properties of the products represent typical values obtained in accordance with The QUARTZ Corp test methods and are subject to manufacturing variations. They are provided here as a general reference only, are subject to change without notice, and should not be relied on for any particular application.

The vision of The QUARTZ Corp is to become a major and sustainable player in the High Purity Quartz market.