The heartlands of semiconductor production are Japan, Germany, South Korea, and California.  The QUARTZ Corp is able to supply these regions through the strategic placement of offices in the USA and Europe, and the presence of sales and marketing staff in Asia.  

Our high purity quartz products are ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, due to their superb quality and excellent purity.  High purity quartz is used in the semiconductor industry to produce crucibles and quartz glass products, such as windows, rods, and tubes.  High purity quartz is also used in the production of silicon metal, which is the base for the semiconductor wafers, made using the Czochralski Process.  Ideal for semiconductor applications are our highest quality products, NC4X and NC4XF.  

For full details of our products please download our datasheets, or, alternatively, contact our specialised staff, who would be happy to help with any inquires you might have.

The vision of The QUARTZ Corp is to become a major and sustainable player in the High Purity Quartz market.