Quartz sand being produced

How High Purity Quartz Sand Is Made

Tuesday January 22, 2019

The Quartz Corp is a key supplier of high purity quartz sand, which is mined in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.

Our process begins with mining.  We have access to >10 million tonnes of high purity quartz resources in Spruce Pine, which we blast out of the ground and take for initial processing at our facility in Spruce Pine.  The next step is sizing, where the raw material is crushed, ground to uniform sizes, and floated to start the purification.

Once this initial processing has been completed, the products are shipped to our plant in Drag, Norway.  There, advanced purification takes place, starting with flotation, where chemicals and air are used to remove traces of non-quartz impurities, such as feldspar and mica, from the product.  After flotation, our product goes through magnet separation in order to remove ferrous contaminants. Leaching is another important processing step, which helps remove any remaining surface inclusions and impurities in the quartz grains using acid.  To remove any residual organic contaminants, the quartz goes through thermal processing, known as calcination.

Once these processing steps have been completed, we have our final product!  Final products are all quality tested and given individual certificates of analysis, meaning customers can be assured they will receive consistent products each and every day.  Our logistics allow for products to be shipped to our customers globally.

For more information about our sand and what markets we operate in, please download our datasheets or contact us directly.

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