Benefits of High Efficiency Modules

Monday June 24, 2019

High efficiency modules have been in high demand in the recent times. The main goal of solar projects has always been to produce the most amount of energy possible in as little space as possible. This has become even more important in recent years, which has helped to drive mono module demands. The high efficiency panels are higher in price, but save money in the long run, according to the CEO of Solaria (Solar Power World Online).

PERC modules have become the norm for high efficiency, but it is getting more and more challenging to make new breakthroughs on the cell side. This means that module technologies and larger wafers need to be developed to achieve higher module power output (AP News). According to Chinese customs data, special solar modules paired with module technologies were >2GW in Q1’19, which is more than all special modules shipped last year, and accounted for 17% of total Chinese module exports. Of these special module technologies, half-cut modules are by far the most mature and popular technology (AP News).

New technologies are now also being developed, the three most popular being PERC, HIT, or IBC. These technologies help to improve quantum efficiency, or the number of photons that are effectively converted into electricity, which is one of the key factors impacting solar efficiency. The other factor is fill factor (FF), which is generally associated with the quality of the solar cell. Fill factor is defined by the following equation, where Voc represents the open circuit voltage, Isc represents short-circuit current, and Pmpp represents the max power point of the curve (Ecotality).

The current most efficient solar panel producers, as reported by Ecotality are outlined below:

The market is going to continue to see further investments into the  high efficiency PV market, and technology focus will shift towards how cells are constructed into modules, as efficiency gains on solar cell technology alone are limited.  The Quartz Corp is a key supporter of high efficiency solar producers. To find out more, please contact us directly or download our datasheets.

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