5 Myths About Solar – Debunked!

Monday July 22, 2019

Myth 1:  Solar Panel Manufacturing is Environmentally Damaging

Studies by the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) have shown that the payback period in terms of energy production vs. production cost is actually <4 years.  Aside from the relatively low cost of production and quick payback period, the NREL concluded that the average US household with a solar energy system could eliminate 100t worth of carbon dioxide that is typically produced by conventional plants over a 28-year span (NREL).

Myth 2:  Solar Panels do not Work in Cold, Snowy Weather or When it’s Cloudy

Solar panels, surprisingly, actually work better in cold conditions, as long as it’s sunny, as cold weather increases the panel’s conductivity.  In snowy and cloudy conditions, while energy generation is cut down somewhat, the panels will still function (Machine Design).

Myth 3:  Solar Panels are Expensive and Not Economically Viable

Switching to solar panels is actually one of the best decisions a household or government can make in terms of cost savings.  The cost of panels has dropped dramatically in recent years, while the efficiency of the panels has increased significantly.  This is directly opposite to fossil fuels, which are becoming more expensive as they become less abundant (Third Sun Solar).

Myth 4:  Solar Panels Require Continuous Maintenance

Solar arrays are durable and require minimal maintenance, actually making them easier to manage than many other systems.  Annual inspections may be needed, but main manufacturers offer long guarantees on their products (Machine Design).

Myth 5:  Energy Will Not Work on a Mass Scale

This last myth is possibly the easiest to debunk – the sun produces enough energy in an hour to meet the entire world’s energy demands.  As solar panels become more efficient, we are able to harness this excellent power source more effectively (Whole Sale Solar).

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