How Do Our Products Help You in Your Everyday Life?

Monday February 15, 2021

At The Quartz Corp we provide high purity quartz sand, which is used in a wide range of speciality products that you likely use on a day to day basis. It may surprise you to know that high purity quartz is an essential material in the semiconductor, solar, and fibre optic industries.

Semiconductors are the building blocks of your PC, smartphone, cars, and are now found in practically all household appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens, and even your fridge!  As consumers demand more and more connected and smart devices, the consumption of semiconductor chips increases.  It may surprise you to know that quartz sand from Spruce Pine, where The Quartz Corp mines our products, is key to the survival of the semiconductor industry.  This ultra-pure quartz is used in the manufacture of silicon ingots and wafers which go on to become semiconductor chips.  The quartz needs to be ultra-pure to avoid contamination and ensure ideal electrical conductivity.

High purity quartz is also necessary for the production of crucibles and glassware for the solar industry.  Monocrystalline solar panels, the industry standard, are now popular with consumers and industry alike, providing power to millions globally.  Learn more about how we provide to the solar market here.

Fibre optic cables, which are becoming more and more popular as high-speed internet becomes the standard, also use high purity quartz processed and provided by The Quartz Corp.  Optical transmission is essential for the success of fibre optic cables, and the ultra-pure quartz supplied by The Quartz Corp is an ideal product for this application.

For more information about the markets we serve, please visit our applications portal.

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