The Quartz Corp strives for continuous improvement, with a keen focus on improving product quality and expanding our customer base through product innovation.  Our head of quality, Jae Ahn, has dedicated teams in Spruce Pine and Drag focused on achieving those goals.  We know that our customers choose TQC because we deliver exceptional product quality and are on the cutting edge of industry technology.

The Quartz Corp is ISO9001:2015 certified and have established a Quality Management System in order to ensure product quality and consistency, every day.  Certificates of analysis and product traceability for every drum and bag sold are available, demonstrating our commitment to consistent product quality.  For more information, please download our Quality Policy.

Our ISO certificates for our sites can be downloaded below:

The Quartz Corp AS – Norwegian

The Quartz Corp AS – English

The Quartz Corp USA – English

Our quality focus is not limited to our products:  We believe it is our mission to shape a future powered by clean energy, better communication, and uplifting to those around us.  We have a commitment to fundamental human rights which underpins every other policy, strategy, or initiative that we have as a company.   We operate a clean business, both in terms of caring for our environment and how we conduct business.  We compete fairly and follow laws and regulations that promote free and open competition, and have zero tolerance for any kind of corruption, including bribery, from either employees or third parties working on behalf of TQC.

We take our commitments to our customers and partners seriously – our staff are 100% dedicated to ensuring we deliver on our promises and goals.  This drive to achieve the best results means that we prioritise investments into quality, advanced technology, and, of course, state-of-the-art safety policies and procedures.  The safety of our employees is a key focus area for TQC.  We have an excellent track record for safety, winning multiple awards for our outstanding performance in safety.

Safety Information For Our Norwegian Neighbours