We act for the environment:  The sustainable management of energy, water and raw materials is a core value of TQC.  Our main energy intensive processes are performed in Northern Norway, which has an abundant supply of hydro-power. 

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations by supporting eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies and integrating them into our operations.  Our operations and business are also a critical part of the development of cost-effective PV energy, which is helping to promote renewable energy installations globally.

Volunteer Impact Day:  Picture a Better World

An annual event that started in 2018 in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, but has now become a key feature in our calendar.  This year, we hosted events in both the US and Norway, with employees donating their time and skills to help their local communities.

Volunteer Day 2021:  Spruce Pine


Volunteer Day 2021:  Drag