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A zoomed in image of high purity quartz sand products


High purity quartz products are a key strategic raw material for high-tech industries.

The material offers silica glass a wide range of exceptional optical, mechanical, and thermal properties, essential for manufacturing many high-tech products in areas including semiconductor technologies, PV solar applications, high temperature lamp tubing, telecommunications, and optical lenses.

For more information on the QUARTZ Corp's quartz products, please visit our quartz product page.


The QUARTZ Corp offers a number of different feldspars, including sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, and mixed feldspars.

Feldspars are aluminosilicates, and their fusibility and purity make them an essential raw material with many industrial applications.  The geological context specific to each deposit gives the feldspars a variety of physical and chemical properties, suitable for a full-range of ceramic and glass-making applications.

For more information about the QUARTZ Corp's feldspar products, please visit our feldspar product page.