At the Quartz Corp we rely on a group of highly skilled people, spread out over three continents, working together effectively.  The sense of cohesion that this requires comes from laying the groundwork for a connected, supportive workplace so that employees feel inspired and motivated.  TQC is committed to providing an environment where all employees can realise their full potential.

Our employees are our most cherished assets, knowing that it takes a full team approach to deliver our ambitious targets.  Employees from all walks of life are welcome at TQC.  Listening to other perspectives and exposing ourselves to different worldviews can lead to new insights and make us more productive, resilient, and innovative.  An inclusive culture that values diversity starts with treating all employees, applicants, and business partners fairly and providing equal opportunities for all.

At TQC, we do not discriminate.  Regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability and/or genetic information, we only consider individual qualifications and performance in our employment, procurement, and other business practices.

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