High Purity Quartz

From ore to final product, our quartz is exceptionally pure

1,723° C

melting point of quartz


pure silica


silica's chemical formula

While quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, quartz from Spruce Pine is uniquely prized for its chemical composition

With few inclusions, our quartz is ideally suited for high purity processing. This is thanks to a series of geological process that allowed pegmatites to form almost without impurities.

The story of ore & technology

Core samples from mountain ore laying in wooden box

Raw ore is extracted from the Appalachian Mountains

Small pile of high purity quartz sand

After the ore is crushed, quartz is isolated from other minerals

Woman looking into a microscope

Purification of quartz is a journey through multiple process steps and quality controls

Woman working at packing station standing next to big bag of quartz final product

Finished product is packed and delivered to customers globally

Exceptionally pure quartz for exceptionally demanding applications

White sand in falling motion

A material ideally suited for high-tech manufacturing

High purity quartz sand has the distinct physical properties to become a successful crucible. Quartz crucibles are a critical component in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and semiconductor chips. They are used to grow ingots that are then sliced and polished into ultra-thin wafers.

What makes our high purity quartz so special?

Large white quartz crucible on dark background

Quartz crucibles made from our high purity quartz are the result of teamwork spanning 3 continents, decades of innovation, and a curiosity that drives us to always do better

The journey of our quartz continues to our customers who transform it into crucibles for advanced manufacturing processes