Employee Perspectives

Meet Hogan from Maintenance

June 21, 2023

"TQC takes care of their people"

Video transcript:

I think a good job comes with good people to work with, a good company to work for, and my favorite is good communication.

I am Hogan Burleson, and I am maintenance supervisor here at The Quartz Corp. I have a crew of 12 men, and we do day to day maintenance making sure the plant runs the way it's supposed to and that we have product coming out for production.

The most interesting thing about my job is the people I get to work with; because in maintenance you have to communication with production, safety the mines you pretty much communicate with everyone so you get to meet a lot of different people and I actually got to go to our plant in Norway so I got to communicate with some of those people and meet different people there.

Quartz takes care of their people, we are a small town, small area around here, very rural and they take care of the people around here; community, the school system. We do a lot for people around here. We do a project every year it’s called Community Day. Building things, giving back to the community, community garden, build ramps and things, access for handy cap and elderly people. Give back to retirement homes, we do a lot of things.

They give people here the opportunity to expand themselves and grow in the company and in other ways, take classes or find out more information on different parts of the plant, get involved in that. They give you the opportunity to grow.

I came here about three and a half to four years ago. I was a contractor here for a little while and became a better fit for me here.