Uncompromising safety

Our industry demands an approach that places safety considerations at the forefront of every activity

Nothing we achieve as a company matters if we don't keep our people safe.
- Thomas, CEO

Engineering hazards out

We work with chemicals, in mines, and around heavy machinery. It is absolutely essential that we nurture a robust safety culture. Staying safe at work is much more than following checklists and wearing proper protective equipment. This means we anticipate hazards from the get-go, so we don’t merely mitigate them – we seek to engineer them out. And for those that remain, we practice emergency situations in collaboration with local response teams.

Our safety organization

Any operational meeting at TQC starts with a safety briefing. Responsible for supervising this work and communicating developments out into the organization are our dedicated HSE teams. Our safety managers are working to develop, implement, and stress test procedures, policies, and methods to how we work. They also coordinate closely with employee-elected safety representatives, whose primary role is to safeguard the wellbeing of their fellow colleagues.

Safety at every step

Proper protective gear is required at all times, also for visitors
Certain jobs have have their own safety procedures
Safety equipment and supplies are continuously checked and restocked
The industrial protection group conducts joint annual exercises with local emergency services
Our lab has special requirements for protective gear
Ongoing training is required for a range of jobs

Meet the Chief Safety Representative at Drag