Empowered to impact


We are dedicated to serving our communities and are defined by the pride we feel from making the world a better place


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Building communities together

Man standing on beach in work clothes holding a shovel

Two people in white bee keeping gear examining bee hives

Group of people in blue shirts volunteering by landscaping a garden

Raised bed with vegetables growing

Group of men raking gravel into place by stream bank

Two men working on building a storage shed

Golden retriever

Group of volunteers helping each other to put together wooden construction

We refer to it as One TQC. There's a real sense of pride in the community: we try to help those around us. I'm proud to be a part of that.
- Mary Sutlive, Director of Sales, Americas

Bringing people together

Vasaloppet, Sweden

Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Annual festivals & events

Champion of Champions, Norway

Pride in our shared purpose

Meet Hogan from Maintenance

"TQC takes care of their people, we are a small town, small area around here, very rural and they take care of the people around here; community, the school system. We do a lot for people around here."

Meet Michael from Quality

"The Quartz Corp really feels like family. The people here, we all pull together for a common goal and so that really to me makes a difference in the work environment and the way we perform together."